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Coming Monday: The Pedros

Peter D. Kramer

Well, it’s that time of year again: Time to pore over all those notebooks I filled on the high-school-musical marathon and give out awards.

The Pedro de Baca Gutierrez Remember the Alamo Awards typically fall in the tiny news gap between the Tonys and the Metros, but this year the Tonys aren’t until June 13, so I’ll take a page from the Golden Globes book and sprint out first with my honors to some of the folks I encountered in my travels.

Look for it here Monday at noon.

Have a great weekend.

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Confirmed: In the Wings LIVE at the Metros

Peter D. Kramer

We’ve gotten the green light to announce that “In the Wings” will take its show on the road on Monday for the Metropolitan Awards at Peekskill’s Paramount Center for the Arts. The evening, which I’ve called the loudest, proudest moment of the high-school-musical year, celebrates achievements by participating schools in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Bergen counties.

Here’s what to expect: I’ll be blogging live from the back of the auditorium, starting at about 5 or so.

At 6, I’ll start the webcast, interviewing nominees in several categories.

At 7:30, the webcast of the awards ceremony will kick off.

It should all wrap up by 10, with the naming of the outstanding overall production.

If you’ve got tickets to the Paramount, stop by and say hi. If you can’t make it to the Paramount, we’ll take you there for all the excitement. The webcast will be at www.lohud.com/inthewingslive.

Looking forward to it.

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The End


Well, that was that. Sunday was closing night. I had more fun then I could have ever imagined and I got so much positive feedback. I feel  slightly disconnected now. Where do I go when the school day is done? It’s almost like the beginning of the end of high school for me; I wish it wasn’t over. I wish we could keep going, but all things come to an end.

I’m going to miss my friends and all the faculty that helped. Working with my friends made the experience as great as it was, along with the countless hours that the faculty provided to us. Everything was  so wonderful, and it was a great way to go out with a bang.

So I guess that brings this blog to an end. I had a lot of fun and  I hope everyone enjoyed reading it.

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Footloose: The Finale


I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write a final post. It was just hard figuring out what to say. Four years of the Footlight players, I’ve realized has become pretty much my life. You spend so much time during it, it’s easy to get lost in the process. It’s hard work, especially hell week. The week after the musical is … almost like you’re in a daze. It’s kind of like, “what? I don’t have to be here till ten pm anymore?”.
The final show was amazing. There were quite a few shenanigans (many inspired by me, haha) – my favorite had to be when the four girls came out with furry boas during Holding Out for a Hero. Hilarious. Its kind of a tradition at HHS to pull pranks on the last night. Also a tradition is to sign the wall:

Everyone is always emotional afterward, because it’s a summary of your high school career. I know I’m not alone when I say that I mark my high school years by the shows we’ve done. Otherwise, they’d all the same to me! I know the senior class will remember how much hard work our directors put into it, and Footloose, as well as all the other shows, will hold a very special place in our hearts.

However, HHS theatre isn’t over for me. I’ve been directing RABBIT HOLE by David Lindsay Abaire. It’s this weekend, April 30th & May 1st at 7 PM, at HHS. Tickets are $5 for students/seniors and $10 for adults. It’s a GREAT show, and we’ve all put tons of work into it. I’d really appreciate if you came to see it!

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Opening Night!


What a huge success I feel the cast really pulled it off and I think the most valuable thing that happened last night is the fact that we all had a great time doing it! I was enjoying myself so much, and so were all my peers. We danced our best, we sang our best and all in all it just went wonderfully.

My hair had to be my favorite thing. It was so weird and wispy… it was just perfect. My friend Isabelle’s mom is my personal stylist. I don’t normally enjoy performing matinees, but today my Grandma and Grandpa are coming, so I’m gonna try my best to be extra good. I just can’t believe this is all almost over… at least I’ll try to go out with a bang, right?

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Approaching Tech Week


The dramatic music should start now… shouldn’t it?

I came out of Rehearsal today with achey feet and bags under my eyes but I’m ready! I am completely off book and know my lines pretty stone cold, just gotta keep the confidence flowing!

Of course I’m quite nervous, but I think everyone is. It seemed that every time someone slipped up today there would be someone on stage screaming “WE OPEN ON FRIDAY!”  So yes, we’re getting very close but I know we have a show. I know with some more elbow grease this week we’ll be able to put something magnificent together. So here I am ready to embrace tech week with open arms, I sure hope dinner is good! I’ll keep you posted as anything new develops!

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Getting closer…


So we came back from Spring Break last Wednesday and because of all the hard work of Mr. Fyfe and other dedicated volunteers we had a set! It’s cool, it’s tacky and it’s all I could possibly want it to be. It makes me even more excited to put this production on. I am inching closer and closer to finally becoming off book which is good progress. Naturally I’m still nervous anyway.

Rehearsals are going well, I think I’ve finally fully found my character. We’ve officially blocked the entire show. Now it’s a matter of memorization and drilling everything we’ve learned.  The show has really grown on me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely weird… but in a really good clever way and Mr. Fyfe’s eye for comedy really adds to it. Otherwise I’m just glad to be around my friends at school to really bring it home with my last performance in an RCDS production. 🙂

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Finding My Character


Finding out how to play my character is tough.  My friend, Chris Bolatgiran, has been helping me research my character on Youtube several times. Mr. Portanova has also been a big help to me as well at practice. My younger sister, Christina, who is in the chorus, has been helping me out at home too with my lines. But I am ready for the challenges that this part will bring. The first few practices have been going well so far. I can’t wait to go deeper into the show and gain an even greater understanding of my character.


I remember this exercise that the leads did the first couple of practices. Mr. Portanova would bring us on stage and make us walk around like our characters and talk to the others as our characters as well. We would have to talk to every character at least once. It was lots of fun to see how everybody’s parts were so funny or clever and such.


We would then lined up and had to imitate another person’s character. To my understanding, if someone else can imitate your character then it shows how well you are doing your character. I had to act like Michael Nunez, who plays Adolpho, and Mike Finn, who plays Underling. I had a blast imitating them and seeing how I could do their characters. It was also funny to watch other people try and imitate other characters. We all ended up laughing and having a great time while learning a little more on our characters. What we could work on. What we are doing right. We could see potentially what the audience would see in our performance.  They were holding up a mirror to us.  I was just a wonderful learning experience for us all and a great way for us to help each other out with our characters.

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I finally memorized my lines for act one! I’m so pumped, I’m halfway there. These lines are the hardest things to memorize, but I feel like I’m moving along nicely. I just have to read and memorize… and read again… and read again. It’s tedious, but once you get into the swing of it, it gets easier.

On another note:  I was at the gym with Claire last night and we had a revelation. Captain Tempest needs a pompadour hairstyle. He’s gonna look stylish, like Elvis. Claire instantly whipped out her Blackberry and frantically emailed Mr.Fyfe, our director he replied and said YES! It was possibly the most beautiful moment of my life.

Things are really shaping up. There is a show forming, and my character’s image is forming as well. My lines are shaping up too!

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performance, performance, performance!


The Sunday matinee was pretty packed. I was surprised, because the weather had been so horrid, but I suppose people who lost power decided to see an entertaining show at our nice, warm, heated school. The show itself was fine, no more or less exciting than Friday. Energy level was about the same. Matinees are always so weird to me. You’re performing your heart out there, and then you see sunlight when you open the door. It’s kind of like “whaaaaaat?”
Also on Sunday, I got to lead a Question and Answer session. That was so much fun. I love handling interview type things, and it was a great way for the audience to interact with the cast. We’re so personal, and it’s nice to break the barrier down. I was really, really grateful that I got to facilitate that. It means a lot. Thanks Fusc!
The best part about that week was not having school Monday or Tuesday! Honestly, that was such a nice present from mother nature. After a week of not sleeping, being able to have an extra day to do work/SLEEP was just incredible. Going back to school Wednesday, it was nice to get a lot of compliments. I got a lot of “You were so funny!” and “You were great, just wish I had seen more of you!”. I really appreciate things like that, because, as an actress, you’re never quite sure how you’re doing until you get proper feedback. My favorite, though, was when this really cute math teacher I have a total crush on came up to me and said “You’re Marisa Urgo!” SCORE. winwinwinwinwin.

Today we had our brush up rehearsal where our lights malfunctioned. It did that last Thursday too. At this point, you want a great show, but you’re no longer nervous os if the lights screw up, they screw up. The audience is going to walk away smiling anyway. Our stage manager Teddy (Hi Teddy), or Tedward, fixed it though. He’s going to go so far, I’ll tell ya. He’s so good at what he does, and so are Sam Stump and Stephanie Goldman. Steph is our tech advisor. Brush up rehearsals are great, because you have the confidence that you know what you’re doing, and get you back into the swing of things. As Fusco said, we’re lucky to have the opportunity. Having the opportunity for two weekends is so nice too. Not a lot of schools get that.

More pictures! You can look at garymorgenphotography.com for some more, I believe.

Me, Jenny (Wendy Jo) and Lynny Fusco (musical director) with DARTH VADER, part of our awesome lobby display.

Devon just “can’t stand still”.

judy florio and mac with “Can you find it in your heart?” (you go j-flo)

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