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The Sunday matinee was pretty packed. I was surprised, because the weather had been so horrid, but I suppose people who lost power decided to see an entertaining show at our nice, warm, heated school. The show itself was fine, no more or less exciting than Friday. Energy level was about the same. Matinees are always so weird to me. You’re performing your heart out there, and then you see sunlight when you open the door. It’s kind of like “whaaaaaat?”
Also on Sunday, I got to lead a Question and Answer session. That was so much fun. I love handling interview type things, and it was a great way for the audience to interact with the cast. We’re so personal, and it’s nice to break the barrier down. I was really, really grateful that I got to facilitate that. It means a lot. Thanks Fusc!
The best part about that week was not having school Monday or Tuesday! Honestly, that was such a nice present from mother nature. After a week of not sleeping, being able to have an extra day to do work/SLEEP was just incredible. Going back to school Wednesday, it was nice to get a lot of compliments. I got a lot of “You were so funny!” and “You were great, just wish I had seen more of you!”. I really appreciate things like that, because, as an actress, you’re never quite sure how you’re doing until you get proper feedback. My favorite, though, was when this really cute math teacher I have a total crush on came up to me and said “You’re Marisa Urgo!” SCORE. winwinwinwinwin.

Today we had our brush up rehearsal where our lights malfunctioned. It did that last Thursday too. At this point, you want a great show, but you’re no longer nervous os if the lights screw up, they screw up. The audience is going to walk away smiling anyway. Our stage manager Teddy (Hi Teddy), or Tedward, fixed it though. He’s going to go so far, I’ll tell ya. He’s so good at what he does, and so are Sam Stump and Stephanie Goldman. Steph is our tech advisor. Brush up rehearsals are great, because you have the confidence that you know what you’re doing, and get you back into the swing of things. As Fusco said, we’re lucky to have the opportunity. Having the opportunity for two weekends is so nice too. Not a lot of schools get that.

More pictures! You can look at garymorgenphotography.com for some more, I believe.

Me, Jenny (Wendy Jo) and Lynny Fusco (musical director) with DARTH VADER, part of our awesome lobby display.

Devon just “can’t stand still”.

judy florio and mac with “Can you find it in your heart?” (you go j-flo)

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