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My High School Musical

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Finding My Character


Finding out how to play my character is tough.  My friend, Chris Bolatgiran, has been helping me research my character on Youtube several times. Mr. Portanova has also been a big help to me as well at practice. My younger sister, Christina, who is in the chorus, has been helping me out at home too with my lines. But I am ready for the challenges that this part will bring. The first few practices have been going well so far. I can’t wait to go deeper into the show and gain an even greater understanding of my character.


I remember this exercise that the leads did the first couple of practices. Mr. Portanova would bring us on stage and make us walk around like our characters and talk to the others as our characters as well. We would have to talk to every character at least once. It was lots of fun to see how everybody’s parts were so funny or clever and such.


We would then lined up and had to imitate another person’s character. To my understanding, if someone else can imitate your character then it shows how well you are doing your character. I had to act like Michael Nunez, who plays Adolpho, and Mike Finn, who plays Underling. I had a blast imitating them and seeing how I could do their characters. It was also funny to watch other people try and imitate other characters. We all ended up laughing and having a great time while learning a little more on our characters. What we could work on. What we are doing right. We could see potentially what the audience would see in our performance.  They were holding up a mirror to us.  I was just a wonderful learning experience for us all and a great way for us to help each other out with our characters.

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