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My High School Musical

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I finally memorized my lines for act one! I’m so pumped, I’m halfway there. These lines are the hardest things to memorize, but I feel like I’m moving along nicely. I just have to read and memorize… and read again… and read again. It’s tedious, but once you get into the swing of it, it gets easier.

On another note:  I was at the gym with Claire last night and we had a revelation. Captain Tempest needs a pompadour hairstyle. He’s gonna look stylish, like Elvis. Claire instantly whipped out her Blackberry and frantically emailed Mr.Fyfe, our director he replied and said YES! It was possibly the most beautiful moment of my life.

Things are really shaping up. There is a show forming, and my character’s image is forming as well. My lines are shaping up too!

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