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My High School Musical

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Getting closer…


So we came back from Spring Break last Wednesday and because of all the hard work of Mr. Fyfe and other dedicated volunteers we had a set! It’s cool, it’s tacky and it’s all I could possibly want it to be. It makes me even more excited to put this production on. I am inching closer and closer to finally becoming off book which is good progress. Naturally I’m still nervous anyway.

Rehearsals are going well, I think I’ve finally fully found my character. We’ve officially blocked the entire show. Now it’s a matter of memorization and drilling everything we’ve learned.  The show has really grown on me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely weird… but in a really good clever way and Mr. Fyfe’s eye for comedy really adds to it. Otherwise I’m just glad to be around my friends at school to really bring it home with my last performance in an RCDS production. 🙂

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